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  • Let’s Not “Revolutionize” Education

    If we can’t revolutionize education, what else can we do? This post builds on themes from my previous post “The…

  • Here's a picture of a new school and an old school. Let's Overthrow Education

    The Secret History Of Education

    Everyone realizes that everything is horribly broken, and nobody seems to know why. In this post I explore 3 uncommon…

  • You’re Awesome

    This is a post about the world’s biggest problems and how you can swing your own interests and pursuits to…

  • Failing Sucks

    Failing isn’t easy. But it works better than almost anything else, so here’s how you make failing a part of…

  • Keep Starting

    I lacked clarity. It’s hard to do anything if you don’t know what you’re doing. Even harder if you don’t…