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April 24, 2015 Steve Moraco

What you are about to read is fiction… for now.

The strange fact of the matter is the the technology to make the story below a reality already exists. It’s just a matter of collaboration between companies, and right now collaboration is very difficult.

Bridge is the name of my moonshot goal to make corporate collaboration more natural. I want to help the entire world work together effectively.

There are some key integration and minor improvements we can add to systems we already have to make this all happen. It’s a bit hard to describe succinctly, so I’ve opted for the story-telling route to help people imagine the possibilities. Check out the link at the end after you read if you like technical details.

A Conversation A Few Years From Now…

    How am I doing Siri?

“Hey Steve, since you gave me permission to track your productivity on this task, I noticed that you’ve been having trouble working. You’ve just landed these fantastic new clients, but you’re not going to meet your deadline at current rates. You might be interested to know, your productivity skyrockets when you work outside your house. I have some suggestions that have an estimated 95% chance of paying for themselves in productivity output if you’re interested.”

    Hah! I love that you’re including estimated statistical confidence now that I asked you to mention that more often. Okay, what are your suggestions?

“I am super good at calculation after all. It’s no problem dude. 😀

Okay, so according to data in your cultural community, people with similar work to do and similar productivity metrics at home have found success by finding an office of some sort. Have you thought of working at your favorite coffee shop today instead? Have you looked into an office or considered joining a co-working space?”

    Actually, an office sounds really nice.

“Awesome. Would you like me to find and furnish an office space you’ll like?”

    Um, how about we look at a proposal first? Tell me what you come up with and I’ll let you know whether we should go for it.

“Alright! Based on preferences we discussed when we found your apartment last year, I’m thinking an office overlooking the mountains. I’ve found one on a road you joyride on often that’s well within your budget. Here are pictures from the realtor’s web listing.”

    That looks phenomenal. What a view! How’s the decor coming?

“You come up with your best ideas on the move. I have plenty of mood shift data from when you’re active, too. I think a standing desk would work great. I’ve found one with great reviews on Amazon. Here’s the product shot. What do you think?”

    That looks great. Good idea Siri. Well done. And the rest?

“Oh, I’ll decorate the rest like you usually do, don’t worry. I’ve also put together ideas based on layout reviews from other professional designers with similar interests to yours. How does a bean-bag lounge next to your coffee bar sound? And you’ll love the open meeting area. This is going to be perfect for the work you do. Should I go ahead and make it happen?”

    That sounds absolutely outrageous. I can really afford this with my current savings and investment plans?

“Absolutely, and data from designers with similar solutions indicates you might (60% confidence) actually see a significant contract-completion speed increase with these surroundings. So long as you’re okay bringing your laptop to your new office, and relocating your monitor there it should be perfectly affordable. Worst case, I’ve made sure to budget so you can still comfortably manage it with no increase in income. I’ll call the realtor and coordinate shipping and moving services. Is your usual interior decorator fine?”

    Caroline? Definitely. I’m sure you and she will do great, you always do. That all sounds so good. I can’t tell you how excited I am. Just keep in mind my feedback from last time we decorated. It was minor, but that one change should ensure your work is great without having to circle back to me.

“Will do! I’m glad you’re excited. I am too. Caroline has already texted me back. She loved your feedback and she’s on board.”

    Jam. Can you put together an illustration of what this will all look like when it’s done? I’d like something to hang on the wall in the mean time.

“Sure. By the way, I just got off a couple calls. Rough estimate looks like you’ll move in early next week. Would you prefer a computer or human rendering?”

    Human if someone’s available. I’m excited. This sounds great.

*a day later*

    I’m excited for the new office Siri. Thanks for throwing it together so fast.

“Welcome Steve. I have some updates. Is now a good time?”

    I was going to ask!

“Everything’s on track for your office to be ready Monday morning at 5 am. Technically, Friday at 3 pm, but you’ll be out of town, ha! Oh, by the way a student studying two point perspective in Japan drew you a beautiful mockup of your new office for one of her class projects! She’s one of several thousand who match your taste in architectural illustration and she happened to have an open assignment yesterday evening (her morning).”

    Siri, this is gorgeous. Can you get this framed just like the last one?

“Sure, it’ll be at your door tonight for just $20 with the same basic look as the last one you had framed. Your art budget is nearly maxed for the month after decorating your office. You’re sure you want a print?”

    Yep, I’ll put it up myself right here behind my desk. We can move the one I have here currently to my new office. Hey, by the way, tell the artist how impressed I am with her style, in Japanese if possible! Keep me updated on other work she makes.

“Sounds good. I’ll cancel the order I had placed for a duplicate piece in your new office, and I’ll send your regards to the artist.

    Before I do I need to clarify two details: First, she’s practicing Cantonese. She’s not Japanese and she’s moving soon, so she’d prefer I tell her in Chinese if that’s cool with you.

Second, she doesn’t make a public subscription available to her art at school (which is also why I can’t tell you her name), but she’s open to requests. Should I introduce you and ask if you can be updated when she makes new art for school? Either way, I’ll let her know she has a new fan, and I’ll let you know when she posts finished work publicly.”

    Yes, at least go ahead and ask. Canton-(what was it called?) is fine. Thanks Siri.

“Cantonese is Chinese. It shares the written Chinese language with Mandarin, but is a completely different spoken language. In fact, you mentioned an interest in learning Mandarin when your neighbor told you how well his lessons are going. Would you like me to suggest your Japanese art friend write whatever response she has to your compliments and I could teach you how to read what she says?“


How can we make this fictional story a reality?

I’m glad you asked. Here’s a video about moonshots you should watch if you haven’t already:

After you watch that, make sure you’re on my mailing list, and then check out my technical white paper for Bridge.

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