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Written Jan 13th, 2017 — Published Jan 26th, 2017

I recently made a good number of videos. Selfie videos were the main things I created last year.

Watching your own face as your main creative outlet for a year teaches more than you can put in a short text post (or in a series of books, for that matter)

And I wrote and self published a book the year before my video series, so I learned a lot about how I write recently, too.

Among other things it taught me this:

You talk about how you feel.

You write about what you think.

You don’t know what you think about something until you write it. You write to discover what you think.

You don’t know how you feel about something until you talk about it. You speak to discover how you feel.

Maybe you didn’t realize you do this. I certianly didn’t.

Face to face interaction and written words have different *purposes* for interaction.

I suspect many of the quirks of modern life are because of this. It’s why you hate having important conversations with people you love over text. It’s why everyone hates email.

Business is personal. It’s done face to face so you know who you can trust. Email trashes that experience (and wastes your time).

I wonder how we can design our systems of communication for their strengths?

Writing is brilliant for analysis and review. When you want to be sure of what you said, you write it.

When you want other people to FEEL what you say, you tell them to their face.

I wonder why I wrote this post, it probably would have made a good video.

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