People assume that I am judging them

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This always fascinates me, because I couldn’t care less about other people’s choices and goals.
Having my own high standards for myself doesn’t mean I don’t genuinely envy someone who actually wants to play video games all day and feels fulfilled doing it. 
I’d love that, and I joke about spending my whole life in Skyrim VR regularly that I’d hope people would notice my openness to different standards than my own high ones for myself.
By asking you if you’re fulfilled I’m only asking you to challenge yourself. I’m not judging you. And even if I was, it shouldn’t matter, who am I!? You’re the only person who’s judgement matters.
I’d then ask you why you’re getting mad at me for your own self judgement. Is this the way you judge everyone in your life? In such a way that they should be offended that you have an opinion about them? Do you look down on other people, and so project that on me?
If you’re unhappy with the way you’re living your life, fix it if you can, and if you can’t fix it, determine how to be happy with it. The poorest people in the world are often the happiest, and there are a million instruction manuals on how to find tranquility and satisfaction in your existing circumstances rather than depending on outside forces to change your circumstances or how you feel about them.
If you’re genuinely fulfilled with your way of life, why do you care so much what I think?

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