Why Books Are Badass

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Written Apr 28th, 2017 — Published May 27th, 2017

Books are the lowest cost, highest value, best return asset you can own. And now they’re cheaper and easier to access than ever in digital form.

Books are the best tool in the entire range of human experience with which to achieve personal growth.

You’ve seen me talk about the power of video. Why do books beat videos for sheer learning power?

The human brain learned to think to itself many tens of thousands of years before language and speech was formalized.

When you read a book you’re letting someone else think inside your head. You’re building out new patterns of though from the inside of your own mind. There’s no social interpretation like there is when you watch a video of a person, there’s just the internal monologue as you read.

That internal monologue in normal life is the single most influential aspect of your personality.

What you tell yourself internally shapes how you act and who you are. There’s a great book about this I recommend sometimes called “What to say when you talk to yourself.”

But this amazing fact applies to any book. New book, new internal monologue (at least temporarily), new you.

Letting an author and editor’s carefully crafted words shape your mind for a few hours each day is the single most high leverage way you can spend your time.

Books used to take 14 years to write by hand. At one point there were only 30,000 books in all of Europe. To have a book to read was to be embarrassingly wealthy. (source: WaitButWhy’s amazing new Neuralink post)

Now, for less than an hour’s wage, any book in the world can be yours instantly on a device you carry with you every hour of every day. And the battery even lasts long enough to read an entire book on one charge in airplane mode!

Your move.

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