Investing in Yourself

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Written May 25th, 2017 — Published May 29th, 2017

It’s fashionable to go to college, to get a degree. It’s easy because your parents and grandparents want you to do it, and people congratulate you left and right about it.

College is so popular people will go into thousands of dollars of debt for an education.

Chasing your dreams and building the life you want isn’t popular. No one will tell you to fight for yourself. Other people want you to do what makes them feel comfortable.

No one is going to buy the plot of land on the side of a mountain mountain and start construction on your dream retirement home FOR you. That’s something you’ve got to carve out of the routine of life and make happen all by yourself. You can do it.

The only person responsible for your learning and growth is YOU, and only you have the power to say no to distractions, no to what other people think you should do, and no to things that are wastes of your time and money.

You are the only person with the power and incentive to show up at the library makerspace and build your own projects and learn new skills. You are the only person who can invest in an online course for your own learning. YOU are the only person who can turn down your friends on weekends and stay up late reading about the business you’d like to build.

Start saying no. Start fighting for what you really want out of life. Start going out on a limb for yourself every once in a while. Spend your time and money on things that will make you grow, because no one else will.

It’s up to you to live the good life, because you get one shot at it. Make some mistakes and learn surprising new things. Take responsibility for living a life you really want. Life is too short for sure bets.

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