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Written Nov 17th, 2016 — Published Jan 1st, 2017

Hi Internet,

I hope you’re feeling great this morning. I have a quick thought or two for you today. It’s the first day of the year!

Every single year we all set new goals. Today in history millions upon millions of people dedicated themselves to improving the quality of their lives, and working harder at the things they really care about.

Today I commit to writing a short piece each day and posting it here for however long I remain interested in doing that. You’ll get my thoughts and perspective on the world we share in a low-effort high-reward format that I can bring to you each day.

Last year I set out to attend 5 conferences outside my fields of expertise and make 1000 videos. Both decisions radically changed my life, and I couldn’t be more thankful I (and my fantastically supportive friends and family) held my feet to the fire and I was able to follow through.

This year I’m looking to do the same with an ambitious interview project and a regular writing practice.

By the way, life comes in waves. It’s very hard to do something creative every day, but it’s very easy to queue and automate creativity. For example, I’m writing this on November 17th with every intention to post it January 1st.

I’ve already assumed I’ll succeed at my goals (like getting through the final 250 videos for my project in just over a month — as I write this it’s November) and in turn that’ll help keep me accountable to myself and others.

I hope you’re excited to set new goals and work to improve yourself for selfish reasons and for the benefit of those around you!

Happy new year,


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