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Written Jan 13th, 2017 — Published Jan 15th, 2017

For the next two weeks I’m reviewing, planning, and gathering feedback.

I’m excited to spend 2017 at the top of my game, and to do that I’m taking half a month to make sure I can serve the people around me as best as possible.

I’ll be:

  • Setting measurable, ambitious goals for the year.
  • Reaching out to friends old and new for feedback on my personal interactions with them and projects past and current. (see my Purpose post if you’re curious about this strategy)
  • Getting my most ambitious project for the year — an educator interview series — up and running.
  • Posting and making blog posts and videos every day on Facebook, Youtube, Medium, and my personal blog at from an automated queue! How amazing is that?!

I’m making sure I launch things in the best way possible as 2017 begins, and having a two-week queue this year gives me the breathing room to do that, and still talk to you on a daily basis.

What that means for you is that my online life is mostly two weeks behind real life. Videos and blog posts will be queued with that much lead time.

This has some awesome benefits:

  1. I’m not tempted to get caught up in making videos or posts current events, which are rarely valuable long term.
  2. I can focus on creating content for you that will be valuable long into the future
  3. I have the opportunity to do that creation in batch, while I’m “in flow” so to speak, and then post well-made work on a regular basis, instead of letting the quality of my art vary drastically in quality based on my mood each day.

That seems like a fantastic list of pros, and I don’t think there are significant cons. We’ll see, won’t we?

Excited to have you along for the ride. Thanks for reading 🙂

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