The Power Of Will

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Written Dec 15th, 2016 — Published Jan 6th, 2017

Have you thought recently about how crazy it is that you can do what you want?

Even crazier: For the most part, no one will try to stop you.

Obviously, there are exceptions. When you want to harm people, it becomes a worthwhile investment to keep you in jail instead of let you exercise your will.

But do you know how expensive it is to keep people in jail!?

Except in extreme circumstances, it’s cheaper for societies to let people do what they want then stop them.

How crazy is that? I think it’s really interesting that stopping people from doing what they want is expensive.

Interestingly, it’s free to distract people. It’s cheap, it’s easy, and it’s free. You can lead people in herds. People will follow doses of dopamine wherever you lead them.

So do you spend your days chasing dopamine hits? Coffee? Hot Showers? Music? Social Media Feeds?

Or are you exercising your will? Are you doing the outrageous things you’ve always dreamed of because you’re in control of your responsibilities and desires now and no one can stop you?

I’m headed to Las Vegas tomorrow. LA after that. I’ve been back in Colorado from NYC for one day. No one can stop me on this grand adventure called life.

I know what I want and I’m getting after it. I think exercising our free will is our responsibility.

How are you going to exercise your freedom today? What are you going to make? What will you ask questions about and learn? What will you do? Who will you do it with? If today is practice, what are you practicing for?

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