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Written Jan 13th, 2017 — Published Jan 18th, 2017

People ask me how I set goals, how I aim so high, how I know what I’m doing.

I have a hard time relating. I spent school procrastinating by reading wikipedia and learning about the world. I was super skeptical, and I needed to know if the conspiracies were true.

Why don’t we have flying skateboards and teleportation, if we’ve created so many other things we’ve dreamed up?

Why don’t we know about other intelligent life?

Why does so much of the world life in poverty, and how do so many of us avoid thinking about it?

To get mad, angry, or passionate about the world, you just have to pay attention. Look close at the cracks in the facade and ask questions about them.

There are plenty of talented artists, but too few with a bone to pick.

Find the story you need to tell by digging deep and determining who is responsible for the cracks in the wall – and maybe you’ll find out that the responsible party for the things that you don’t like about the world is yourself!

Maybe it’s on you to save us all. Or maybe you just need to save yourself.

That’s how you set goals and find your purpose. You pay attention. You find out what’s missing. You throw yourself at the problem.

Rinse. Repeat.

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