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Written Jan 16th, 2017 — Published May 25th, 2017

People die doing that, you know?

Plenty has been written about the tragedies we don’t worry about (guns kill x number of people, cars kill x number of people, heart disease kills x number of people) and the things we worry about too much (airfare accidents and attacks have killed x people, far fewer than any of the above).

But how does that apply to our daily life? What things do we gloss over?

We choose to drive without thinking about it, even though it’s one of the most risky things a person can do.

What part of our life do we metaphorically “choose to drive” without thinking?

Our career decisions? Our relationships with family? The company we keep?

Why isn’t it a common tradition for people to step back and evaluate their sunk costs and personal relationships?

We do this every year with our personal goals, but can we do it with other aspects of our lives?

Are you happy with what you do? Do your friends make you a better person? Have you made peace with your family?

Those are things I’m thinking about a lot this month. I’ll let you know.

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