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Written Jan 1st, 2017 — Published Jan 7th, 2017

I took this picture today, and shared it immediately.

In contrast, most pictures I take never get seen by anyone, including myself. About 10% of my work makes it into post production, and less than 1% ever gets shared or seen. With writing, the numbers are surprisingly different. About 50% of what I write becomes public.

In another post I talked about the importance of telling other people about your work.

In this post I want to talk about the structure I plan to use this year to make sure my work gets seen.

It’s important for me to decide before I make the work how I’ll be promoting it, lest I talk myself out of sharing what I’ve made. It’s hard to be confident in what you’re making 100% of the time, so I try not to leave the follow-through up to chance.

If I’m my own promoter and agent, which I am for many projects, structure helps me follow through. If I don’t have a marketing agency pushing my work forward into the light I have to promise myself I’ll self-promote, even when I don’t feel like it.

This year I’m pre-queuing my posts, and the social media sharing behind them. 3 tweets, 1 Facebook post a day. Or something like that. I’m probably also going to close down posting daily to Huffington Post (which isn’t showing any noticeable up-tick in shares like it used to, in favor of using Medium and the newly established where I can queue new writings and social media posts.

I’m going to follow up each Monday and Tuesday with the previous week’s most popular posts in places I share things less often, but with different audiences. Tumblr, my personal Facebook page, perhaps snapchat.

The thoughts above are just examples of structure. Hopefully having decided on a structure for this year will help me reliably grow my audience as time goes on.

What structure do you have set up for sharing what you make with people who want to see it?

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