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Written Jan 14th, 2017 — Published May 22nd, 2017

Actuctivity is a term I just made up because I couldn’t find a witty title that involves both “productive” and “proactive.” I doubt it says what I mean, but we’re going with it.

Being proactively productive is not something usually taught. It’s something that happens because it must.

You learn to be proactive and productive when something you are excited about isn’t going to happen unless you make it happen.

I remember this feeling the first time I had it.

There was a new video game coming out. Those of you who know me well know it was an Elder Scrolls game. And when I found out, I was in biology class.

My stomach was a mess of knots and I learned nothing in biology that day. I knew my one purpose in life was to get home and figure out how to save up to pre-order this game.

The moment that teaches you to be proactive and productive is when the excitement of an experience you really want is set against a group of obstacles that is going to keep you from that experience.

Today proactivity drives me to build businesses around things that fascinate me. I still get the feeling of knots of anticipation in my stomach when I think about the first year one of my businesses clears a million in revenue.

Sometimes you don’t even know what all the obstacles are, and so you just start chipping away.

And that’s what building a business is. It’s what planning a vacation is. It’s what following your dreams feels like at times. It’s what working two jobs to pay bills feels like, too. It’s probably what trying to colonize mars feels like as well? Wouldn’t know. lol

Point is:

No one is going to hand you a to-do list.

Hunting down obstacles to overcome and knocking them out of the park to create a life you want is the process for building and doing great things. And you’ll know you’re working on the right thing when you can no longer pay attention in class. 😀

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