Service from the stage

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As I learn more about presenting, being in front of people, leading teams, and coaching speakers, I’ve noticed a few really interesting distinctions I’d never encountered before in my life.

The other day one of the speakers from TEDxBoulder told me at the after party: the best advice we got was to remember that the audience is more vulnerable than we are.

They’ve paid to be here. Once they’re in that audience giving their time and attention unconditionally. They need you to show up for them and create an experience for them.

Michelle Obama talks about this in her book Becoming as part of the “contract of democracy.” – an agreement built person by person. You show up for us, we’ll show up for you.

From one to many or from one to one, that’s a sacred agreement. One that I’ve only engaged in as an audience member until this year of my life, and one that I have so much to learn about the other side of.

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