Casey’s Ending His Vlog – Here’s What That Means

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Casey Neistat’s vlog is over.

The TED stage, as seen from above.

As you might already know, Casey is one of the most popular “daily vloggers” in the world – He makes a video each day, and millions watch it. He’s only been at it for a year and a half. His vlog gets over 1 million viewers daily, and he has 5 million channel subscribers. He’s blown everyone’s expectations about growing a youtube channel out of the water.

A year and a half ago he was a film maker who had had a show on HBO, and occasionally youtube videos, some of which were shared widely.

He started the vlog here:

He inspired and taught so many of us along the way.

He regularly made timelapses, featured friends, told amazing stories from past and present, and most of all he invited us into a good bit of his daily life. Watching his vlogs every day felt like living an entire extra life alongside your own – and that was certainly the appeal of it for me.

People dream of having a working life like Casey’s, so the opportunity to watch Casey’s life unfold through his eyes enamored so many of us on Youtube.

Today it ended here:

Along the way, I discovered him, through this video:

And since then, his incredible consistency and amazing style inspired me to start my 1000 videos project, go to VidCon, and more.

The TED stage, as seen from above.

You changed my life Casey, and I’m sure many many others. Thanks for what you do. Here’s to new challenges ahead!

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