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Here are the main things I’m working on.



Lander Media

Lander started out in 2014 as a hobby – a personal outlet for me to make money on the side when I was running a doomed study abroad company. My friends and I did aerial video & timelapse projects. Now, years later the contractors I’m lucky to work with and I run a full service agency that does what we call “story engineering” – whether it’s a 3 minute video or an entire sales funnel, we’ll take your story and make sure it works for you to generate profit. I have an entire twitter thread about it.

When people who are curious enough to be engineers take on marketing projects, the whole marketing mystery gets simplified dramatically: We find your lifetime customer value, we calculate how much a new customer costs you to aquire, and then we tweak and test your internal processes and sales content until you can spend predictably on marketing as much as you want to scale. It’s not that difficult, but it’s rare.

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      I’m the curator and organizer of TEDxColoradoSprings. This means I pick the speakers. I pick all of them the same way: I invite them to fill out the “apply to be a speaker” link on our website, linked below, and everyone goes through the same audition process, the same way no matter if you’re an Olympian, the homeless guy who screams really loud at 8:30 am in downtown Colorado Springs most mornings, former White House staff, or even Elon Musk’s mom.

      I’m very lucky to work with a dedicated team of dozens of volunteers and hundreds of former and future speakers to make this event a mind–blowing, life-changing, assumptions-testing, idea-generating MACHINE. Check us out:

      Visit http://TEDxCOS.orgLike Lander on Facebook