Projects 2015

Projects 2015
February 10, 2015 Steve Moraco


Explore the things I’m doing right now to help people live happier, do their best, and communicate more effectively.

I want to be able to refer people to a single place for everything I do. So, on this page you’ll find:

  • A simple link to contact me by email:
  • Three easy-to-remember ideas about why I do what I do.
  • A list of my most important projects (which you’re reading now)
  • A clear and actionable mission statement.
  • Links to everything I do on the internet.

I offer a starter course for everything I’m good at completely free on my home page.

If you haven’t seen it yet, click here

Study Abroad Book

My recently published book: The World’s Best School: Travel. The title essentially says it all.

The process of traveling refines every important life skill. Proactive self-development, clear and confident communication, effective coordination, project management, mentorship, and bureaucracy navigation are necessary skills that you learn automatically from travel.

The textbook and online course are tested, revised, and proven to teach all of this step-by-step under the guise of a typical “how to travel” guide.


Alarm App

Waking up can be fun. Yeah, I said it. Rising early for self development is notoriously difficult for everyone, from beginning entrepreneurs to college students. Enjoying rising early is unheard of.

If I want to inspire people to do great things with every day, I think the best place to start is from the top. Those of you that have very consistent schedules may laugh, but anyone who has set their own schedule with creative work or college knows how easy it is to get your sleep schedule off track (or worse, never get on track).

Alarm takes the nightmare of setting lots of alarms and breaks it down into a simple double-tap.


Photography & My Project 365

Photography is really really fun. If I had to be professional about it, I’d call it an “unending lifelong passion” or something like that. It’s how I live my life day to day. People know me by the camera in front of my face. I’ll never get tired of taking pictures.

My Project 365 this year is my effort to get around to finally sharing the best of the best!

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The Continued Learning Blog

Launched on Jan 1. 2015, the CLB is a place for me to post ideas, tools, book notes, resources, and updates of all kinds. I also guest post various places around the internet.

Learning is for everyone, not just those in school. I want everyone to know that we all learn best when we’re having fun. Let’s discover more about the world around us with friends we love.

This blog is how I learn through teaching. Did you know that’s the best way to learn?

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