Projects 2016

Projects 2016
August 14, 2016 Steve Moraco



Here are the main things I’m working on.



Abroad Academy

My main project is the Abroad Academy. It’s an online course that helps students study abroad.

Students who travel naturally pick up skills like proactive self-development, confident communication, creative problem solving, and bureaucracy navigation.

Students who don’t think they can’t afford to study abroad need these skills, too!

The Abroad Academy teaches these skills and more while helping students secure scholarships to travel while in school.

Setting up partnerships and working with students for Abroad Academy is my full time job at the moment.

Learn More About The Abroad Academy



Bridge is the sort of project I should be working on about 10 years from now, but I’m looking for shortcuts to make it happen sooner. It’s a tool that connects human data and computer processing power, making “big data” useful to individuals.

I’ve made an interactive multimedia white paper that describes everything that goes into making Bridge, and I’ve also written a few short stories about the future of Bridge on my blog.

Learn more about Bridge.


Lander Photography

Photography is what I do whenever I’m not reading or working on the two projects above. Drone photography is the latest way I’ve found to have fun taking pictures.

I founded a drone photography company to do aerial still photography and video work throughout Colorado.

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