Friends & Collaborators

I think this should be a page just as standard as “contact” and “about” on every website. Let’s all make a habit out of helping to connect each other.

Here are some of the people I’ve loved working with lately.



Annesley is my girlfriend and chief adventure buddy. She has a vibrant enthusiasm for anything magnificent or cute.

She encourages everyone to get curious about the world. She knows that exploring with child like wonder is the best way to see everything around you with new eyes. She shows people how to do that by writing and marketing beautiful children’s books for bookstores, coffee tables, explorers, and children everywhere.

If she has one piece of advice it’s “go outside and explore, or go somewhere new and ask questions” – just try it. You can find adventure wherever you are.



Jeremy is my business partner and an old friend. We go all the way back to middle school. We recently started flying drones together.

Jeremy has a knack for connecting people. He knows more people than anyone I’ve ever met, and his ambition is matched by his enthusiasm and kindness.

He would love to invite you over for a cookout at his place, where he’d ask you about what you’re up to and be totally fascinated by your work.

We co-founded a aerial photography company. If you’d like to see what that’s about you should check out what we’re working on by watching our drone photography reel.



I know Jonas from an alley downtown. It’s a funny story, actually. Anyway, Jonas is an artist in word, action, and principle. You won’t find anyone crazier or thinkier in all the land.

He makes comics that encourage you to confront your own assumptions and values head on. He somehow pulls this off in a visually gorgeous and extraordinarily colorful style. He draws for hours nearly every day and it shows in the unbelievable quality of his work.

He loves a good critique from someone who knows what they’re talking about, but if you’re not a pro you can read his comics, explore his behind-the-scenes work, or tell your friends about his art. It’s that good.



Sheyda and I know each other through a mutual BFF, and we became close friends when we collaborated to put together a balanced view of packing light for my book last year.

Not only has she got a natural knack for strategy and team work, she absolutely loves helping clarify and communicate big ideas. She’s also the most fashionable person I know. She’s currently hustling and killing it working for mega-corp Time, Inc, but she’s keeping her eye out for brands she aligns closely with so she can help them develop their voice.

She loves sharing tools and tips, and she is also the ideal person to talk to if you want to figure out your angle in a big market. You can get in touch with her here.



I met Jessie through the longest chain of introductions ever conceived. We may have been the full 6 degrees of separation apart before, but no more!

She cares about helping people travel and learn more than anything else. Her ideal world includes scholarships for everyone who wants to travel. She wants each of us to be able to travel and learn throughout our whole lives.

If she were your best friend, she’d tell you that you live in the coolest place you’ll ever visit, and then she’d kick you out of your house and tell you to go explore. She wants you to find new experiences wherever you are – go try foods you’ve never had, plays you’ve never been to, live music you’ve never heard. Learn new dances and speak new languages! You can do it all from wherever you live now.

If you like the sound of that you should read and explore her blog Wandering Educators. Thousands of people love the stories she shares, and if you’d like to share your story of international education, she’d be overjoyed.



Ryan is my newest best friend. He’s from nearby, but I found him around the Internet. He runs an incredible blog called DopeStoke.

All he really wants in life is a VW van and time to pursue his goals. He’d tell you he wants to earn the rest the hard way.

Right now he’s learning about outdoor education and writing more than ever for his blog. He’s ramping up to build a school that takes education outdoors.

His one piece of advice is this: Find a tiny way to work toward your big goals every day. If you just start on your dreams every day, you’ll be closer than most people to making them happen. If you’re willing to do that you’re one step closer to making the world better for all of us.

You should check out his blog and join his mailing list ASAP. It’s the most fun mailing list I’ve ever been a part of.

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