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Introducing Bridge:

Enabling Intelligence

All of Bridge’s features and goals arise from its mission:

To optimize the human experience by connecting community to technology.


Apple connects design to technology.
Wikipedia connects everyone to knowledge.

Bridge will connect human curiosity and growth to computational intelligence. Let’s bring the strengths of humans and code together to make something incredible.

Bridge is a set of APIs, standards, and tools, available through a web interface. Bridge can optimize any self- or community-driven effort through iterative human learning, creative sorting, and intelligent analytics.

Check out my video introduction:

If you’re lost, that’s okay. I wanted to give you something more substantial than “Bridge will change the way we learn!”

To learn more, click to expand each of the sections below. I highly suggest you start with the overview.


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Why Bridge?

Bridge is the “killer app” for computer-optimized human learning, communication, and collaboration at every scale.

Bridge arose out of research into education, gamification, project coordination, artificial intelligence, and more. The idea has been constructed and refined over a series of ongoing conversations, and is ready for first implementation.

Bridge will help us be whoever we want to be, and give us the tools and guidance to get there as effectively as possible.


What Is Bridge?

Bridge is a website or web application much like Facebook.

It will provide diverse functionality through a web browser.

Bridge will play a key role in global development. It will be primarily used on tablets throughout the developing world and desktops in the developed world.

Bridge will have core functionality available on phone, tablet, and desktop, with native apps on physically smaller platforms.


How does Bridge work?

Bridge is a multifaceted ecosystem.

To effectively facilitate self-driven learning, Bridge needed certain real-life integrations.

It will grow into an interconnected system of ways to interact with your own learning and data. Bridge should be the school of choice for anyone with even the most meager and limited access to the Internet.


This webpage is a sort of white paper to help people of any professional background understand the entire Bridge ecosystem and the details of its various parts.


The Video Overview

5-Minute-Video Paraphrase:

Many people have called for government and education overhaul. Revolution is the term they usually use.

It doesn’t end well, and it’s not the way the world works today.

Evolution is the key. Encourage growth by eliminating the barriers to entry. This is how every new technology has grown over the last 100 years. Businesses have made new technologies beneficial and easy to use. The world has naturally embraced new, easier ways of doing things.

…with the exception of education and government. The problem lies in something that still ties businesses down today: communication. Whether it’s emails or meetings, it’s very hard to get anything done without proper coordination, and what’s even harder is managing “proper coordination” without wasting time.

Bridge provides a few key integrations for what are currently separate sets of data that will help people communicate complex ideas effectively, and collaboratively learn from each other.

My hope is that the solutions Bridge provides can be designed well enough to be a natural next-step for the world of education and for all scales of project coordination, professionally and personally, privately and publicly.

For example, look at airplanes and cars. Businessmen and engineers hacked them into the world, but designers and artists made them a natural part of our lives.

Computers are on the same track. They’ve been hacked into the world economy, and now designers and artists have to refine the core engineering into something truly useful and important.

Screenshot 2015-04-11 23.21.38 copy

Who will make Bridge?


– You –

Anyone who is interested in shaping human learning and computer development.

Bridge is a team of extraordinary people who are willing to put together the technology to make the future happen.

We need leaders, developers, philosophers, security experts, and anyone who is enthusiastic about human learning or AI technology. If you’re curious there are a million ways you can help. If you can learn anything we want you on our team.

We’re launching in a variety of ways, outlined in the “business plan” section below. As you learn more about Bridge, consider how you might want to be involved. If you’re interested in being on the XPrize team or help build WordPress plugins as we first begin, you can learn how to get involved at the bottom of this page.

Video: Whose Idea Is Bridge?

Discover how you can learn more as you go, and the origin of the Bridge idea.

Click the play button to watch the video.


Steve Moraco

Author & Travel Photographer. Undercover Education Revolutionary.

“Revolutionary” huh? Let’s look at a quick history:

While I was still in high school, I took one of the first iPhone programming classes ever offered at a university in the US. I received my four year degree in photography in just three years. I studied abroad twice, in France & Hong Kong and have traveled independently to eight countries, and 30 or so world cities (Shanghai, Dubai, New York, Miami, Munich, Beijing, Chicago, and San Francisco).

My most impressive accomplishment is (in just four months) bringing a textbook from concept, through writing, editing, and publishing, to use in a university classroom.

That was just last year, and now that textbook is available as an online course.

My research over the last five years into game mechanics, art, education, travel, bureaucracy navigation, and self-driven learning makes me confident that I’ll be able to gather the right people to build Bridge into a substantial contribution for global education.

Most importantly, I realize that education needs evolution, not revolution. So though it may be a cute title, I’d rather not start any revolutions. I’d much rather work to iteratively improve the already-brilliant systems we have in place. I’d like your help. Please keep reading if you’re interested, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Click hear to watch my playlist on education.


The Bridge Multi-Level Model

Dive In!

All 6 Levels

& So What?

There are 6 Levels in Bridge.

Each interacts with the others, and all build on one-another. We’re going to explore them briefly, 1 through 6. Then you’ll have a chance to learn about each level individually.

Keep track of any questions or objections by writing them down or making a list.

I’ll probably answer your questions as we go, so suspend your disbelief just until you’ve read the whole page, then I invite you to fully engage any skepticism you feel. I love feedback. Let me know what you think will or won’t work.

There’s a feedback form at the end of the page, and you can also email your thoughts or notes to me:
Steve [at]



Identification – Biographies

Create an online version of who you are.

Create an avatar that you can customize. Choose how you represent yourself online and in the world. Use it everywhere.

Automatically collect accomplishments, certificates, degrees, interests, completion badges, and interaction badges from the real world and online. It’s been done before, but this makes all your biographical data functional and active for you and everyone you interact with.

Organize and use lists of who you talk to, what your connections are, what your audience is, what you learn, what projects you work on (and how you contribute) as well as your voting and advocacy activity. For those concerned with privacy, there are settings for the intended audience of each and any piece of information about you.

Keep reading – The Level 1 &  Insights detail sections further down this page have more details about how all this is built with security at the top of the priority list and linked directly to individuals.


Communication – Discussions

Take notes, leave comments, have conversions. Talk with other individuals, in groups, and with your audience.

Discussions include reddit-style comment-voting and tumblr style posts (multimedia). You can organize or filter everything, and if you think up a new way to organize comments you can submit new filters yourself.

Examples of sorting filters:

1. Sort by professional credentials
2. Connectedness of person
3. Popularity (audience size, number of followers)
4. Diversity of interests or expertise
5. Comment rating
6. Interactions (most replies or likes or shares)

As always, any piece of information (biographical, accomplishment, conversation, comment, post, status, share, multimedia) gives you control of the audience for which you intend it.


Skills – Lessons & Art

Become proficient.

Remove the barrier to education. Everyone can learn from the best teachers in the world. The lessons are fun and relevant. Skills like reading, writing, managing money, making ethical decisions, communicating, collaborating, problem solving, conflict resolution, public speaking, coding, speaking new languages, drawing, artistic expression, project management, iteration, learning from failure, and more.

These courses are founded in iteration and community-driven development. These lessons are about learning how to learn and developing collaboration skills. Think students teaching students.


Learning – Subjects

Develop expertise. Become the best in the world.

This level focuses on specific career or specialty skills & paid courses. It includes school & on-the-job-training, but provides real-world relevance. These lessons are curricula that update at the speed of technology.

It’s a combination of subject matter experts, teachers, communities, and student interaction. This turns real-world teacher’s role into one of mentor-ship, resource gathering, and connecting people to each other and to new ideas which will help them grow. Teachers become co-learners and collaborators.

Bridge will connect us to the best tools, techniques, and teachers to master any given skill or field of expertise.


Collaboration – Projects

Take Action, Track Accomplishments, & Complete Projects with computer-managed brilliance and efficiency.

This level works for companies, small teams, and even personal projects. It moves the resource allocation, overhead, scheduling, and task delegation into the hands of a system that knows massive amounts of relevant information about each individual party. Stop overwhelming managers. Let humans do human things, and let computers organize.

Bridge collaboration tools include tools to help with communication, collaboration, time management, and more.


Governance – Nations

Advocacy and crowd driven voting and funding.

Applicable to all possible scales of advocacy and self-organized governance. This means different ways of interacting with groups at local, regional, national, global, and universal human scales, all powered by bridge’s inbuilt knowledge of “who is great at doing what.”


Bridge connects leaders of movements to movers and supporters. It connects performances to loving audiences. It creates conversations between relevant parties with shared or diverse interests. It does so in a way that keeps everyone in control of their own privacy, security, and intended audience.

Video: 6 Level Introduction

What are the 6 levels, and why are they called “levels”?

Click either play button to watch the video.

What does Bridge mean for me?

Bridge makes you a world-class learner.

Bridge brings big data, AI, automation, instant publishing, and Reddit-style democratic rating to the world of education.

Bridge will enhance team and personal communication. Bridge will underscore project management and advocacy on local and global levels.

Imagine having automated suggestions for what you might need to do to turn your interests into a career. Imagine having an automated and optimized framework for professional goals built by AI based on what people with similar goals have already done. Bridge will help us figure out how to apply our interests and  expertise to the world around us where our talent is needed most.

World-class content is collaboratively refined by the entire crowd to bring out the best in everyone’s ideas, comments, posts, and lessons.

Bridge automatically optimizes everything we do based on data it builds about our expertise, skills, and preferences as we grow.

Bridge finally integrates the power of computing with human communities.


What does Bridge mean for my company?

Bridge integrates training and project management.

Imagine if you could track every team member’s competency at all core tasks. When a new project is assigned, everyone will automatically be assigned the training and guidance necessary to master the foundation-level principles behind that new assignment as taught by the best teachers in the world.

Bridge doesn’t let employee waste more time in mere online education apps. Bridge optimizes time and takeaways for more effective work output. Bridge automatically gives you effective on the job training, just in time.

Instead of up-front employee training, learning and work go hand-in-hand. Developing expertise isn’t just for your free time or college years. Bridge makes learning a fun part of daily working life again.

Bridge brings teams together and suggests how they might best collaborate. Bridge helps fill in the gaps of expertise in existing teams.


Level 1: Identification

Learn About User Biographies

Online identification – web biographies – are the foundation of Bridge.


Why is the foundation level “Identification?”

Humans have a significant ego drive. People prefer to work toward achievements for which they will receive recognition, appreciation, and public acknowledgement.

This is why non profit foundations and buildings are named after people, and it’s why people get degrees. Having your name on a difficult achievement feels more worthwhile, and it says something about who you are and your ability to act effectively in the world.

If Bridge users identify closely with their Bridge identities, what they do with the rest of Bridge feels more meaningful and relevant. Without this foundation, the rest falls apart. The ability to create a personal connection to one’s bridge identity will motivate important work.


How will Bridge structure biographies?

To do this, Bridge should incorporate wide-ranging and creative profile customization (so your profile reflects who you want to be and encourages you to express yourself), activity tracking (so your profile closely resembles who you actually are and what you do), and published material collections (where you can see all your work, comments, posts, statuses – all creative output – in one place). Each of these are key elements of online personal identification.



Imagine having any book you’ve read, every test you’ve aced, and project you’ve worked on categorized and digitally accessible. No more need for a resume or references.

Not to mention, all of this isn’t just available, it’s actively used for calculating what entertainment you might be interested in, what work you might find fulfilling, and what things you would love to learn. These suggestions are based on your patterns of behavior crossed with everyone else.

None of this data is accessible by humans unless you want it to be. It can just purely be used to connect you to conversations, lessons, and projects you love.

Video: “Identification Level?”

Discover the background on my thoughts for the identification level.

Click either play button to watch the video.

Level 2: Communication

Learn About Discussions

Bridge’s new communication style connects the dots.

One of the most obvious and difficult problems in today’s connected world is that there is too much interesting, relevant information (what a problem, eh?!), and no useful way to sort or categorize it. Bridge’s communication channel begins to solve this problem one conversation at a time.

Bridge collects and connects different kinds of conversations. Level 2 enables a diverse group of people to communicate in a diverse group of ways. Instead of creating a ton of inaccessible awesome information, bridge lets your sort, filter, and organize all of it any way you can imagine.


Why is “communication” a key integration for Bridge?

Bridge is in the perfect place to improve online communication because of the diversity of information the identity, education, and project levels collect.

Everywhere you look online, there are talks of privacy concerns and personal data. For the most part data about who you are and what you like is always being mined by advertisers without your express desire. But why should advertisers have all the fun? Bridge puts you in control of all of the awesome ways your information can be used, and you can pick whatever privacy style fits you best.

Your data isn’t just for you if you want to share it! Data about everyone you interact with on the web can be used to connect you to people who find your ideas interesting. Bridge can be used to give you much-needed context for the bias in articles you read, and it can allow you to add your voice to any piece of media in whatever way you prefer and include as much personal context as you’d like as metadata!


How will Bridge change online conversation?

Bridge is a collaborative published material aggregation tool that allows you to hook any status or post to any discussion (public, private, or group), and then encourages smart sorting through any one of a number of filters and organization algorithms. These can use all of the biographical information described above for each person involved in a post. You can also sort using the discussion data itself.

People can associate as many accounts as they please with their Bridge identity. That means that anything online can be sorted through Bridge. New filters can be built by anyone using bridges open-source and open-ended API.

Anyone can contribute imaginative ways of organizing information to the bridge community for use around the world. All of these filters are usable on the world’s richest communication/education/project data set – Bridge itself.



Imagine if you could sort YouTube comments by those other viewers found “most useful,” “most thought provoking,” or “most funny.” What if you could sort forum replies by level of certified expertise in a certain field? Imagine if you could sort Amazon product reviews by “time owned” or by “common problems solved.”

Video: Example Of Bridge Communication

Check out the current difficulties with sharing ideas online, learn how bridge makes things better.

Click either play button to watch the video.

Video: “Communication Level?”

Find out why the communication level is my favorite!

Click either play button to watch the video.

Level 3: Skills

Learn How Bridge Enhances Basic Competence Aquisition

Bridge skill development will connect you to the best teachers of values and life skills.

Our entire culture suffers when there is an imbalance or inequality in access to educational resources. This level connects the best teachers to the students that will benefit most from their lessons.


Why is skill development relevant to the Bridge ecosystem?

Not all families are equipped to teach about wealth management, or ethics. Why not source the most effective teachers for any given demographic (or for a nation or the world as a whole)? We should be able to leverage leaders in any given community as well as the top experts in any field to share wisdom and collaborate with (or teach) large groups of people on a personal level.

Not only that, but anyone can contribute  to the global education community, and everyone can rate each class/submission/discussion/or post. Talk about students-teaching-students through the communication tools outlined above. Talk about crowdsourcing content diversity – adding outlines, workbooks, test questions, audio versions, and translations.


How will Bridge change how we learn values and skills?

Real world skills like child rearing, communication, habit formation, and finance management need master classes.

What if these master classes could be sorted with the same filters described in the Level 2: Communication? What if the most effective class in wealth management for rising from poverty to riches could be voted on by the entire relevant community?

What if classes, community frameworks, lessons, books, and discussion topics could be directly correlated with eventual professional student output? Because bridge tracks the entire lifelong process of learning and work collaboration, it enables countless new methods of “success” metric evaluation. Bridge includes the tools to determine and scientifically test which lessons, discussions, goals, or pursuits most effectively lead students to desired outcomes.



Imagine if you could learn public speaking from the people who give TED talks and lead nations! What if you could learn about finance from the personal finance giants of the world? You already can through books, but this takes it all one step further. Now instead of relying on word of mouth, book recommendations, libraries, and Amazon searches, you have a system that is literally built to give you the best solution for you in the category in which you’re seeking training.

Video: The Unique Properties Of Bridge Education

Learn what makes Bridge a unique contribution to online learning.

Click either play button to watch the video.

Level 4:  Learning

Reaching Mastery Through Lessons Taught By The World's Best Teachers

Bridge will overhaul the way we learn from each other.

Learning is a joy. People are naturally curious, until they have it beat out of them by a literally old-school Prussian model of human education. Everyone knows it’s broken, but few can imagine how to fix it. Bridge is going to finish the revolution that everybody seems to want to start.

The goal: To make human learning self-driven, intuitive, fun, and accessible.


Why does Bridge include online learning?

Education has never been successfully gamified.

Games help people enjoy doing fundamentally useless things for fun. That’s a miracle, and the fact that we as a society don’t have all hands on deck applying it to self development is a travesty.

Pressing buttons, moving pieces around the board can be fun. Games provide an opportunity to test your model of the world against your friends and see who comes out on top in a way that most people love. Applying this element to real life is the another powerful advance Bridge will enable.

Bridge can make real life into a game, so you can test your model of the real world against your friends and help and encourage each other to come out on top.

This sort of engagement strengthens the learning process, yet current systems of education just don’t. Failing to provide ways to apply learned material to the real world actively squanders student’s enthusiasm and attention. By providing access to real world problems, we make the learning process more efficient and empower students along the way!

The perfect education system would be fun and exciting. It could take full advantage of natural student curiosity. It would leverage the incredible brain power of the world’s learners to solve actual problems. This turns class time into discussion time, and encourages students to help each other learn. There’s no way to “cheat” on real world problems. The creative new thinking that new learners are known for can be applied to solving the world’s toughest problems instead of squandered on canned textbook material.


How will Bridge change online learning?

Learning happens through an easy-to-use web interface that optimizes self-driven learning through iterative course design, collaborative peer mentoring, and automatic optimizations based on tracking what works and what doesn’t. Bridge online learning stands apart from other online course delivery systems because it focuses on enabling each student to re-teach the class. Bridge gives a whole new meaning to “student becoming teacher.”

Bridge learning will be about enabling student to solve for X in real life. Solving real problems effectively is FUN. Bridge will show students that the ideas they come up with as they learn can change the world.

Everybody should be able to pursue interests which fascinate them. We can give students and teachers the tools to find practical applications for their passions, and an intuitive map for how to follow their curiosity in a way that is productive for the entire world.

Bridge is about reducing the barrier between you and effective learning. The barrier to acquiring knowledge in any aspect of life shouldn’t be social standing, class, money, access, or resources. Bridge gets us one step closer to that vision for everyone.



Pardon a brief and pun-filled example of literally building bridges. If engineering students first learning about structural integrity were given access to the plans from the most challenging bridge building projects in the world, many of their suggestions would be awful. But a few would be great. If the math works out and peers verify the usefulness of a solution, it can be passed along to the real-world project it came from, without ever crossing any classification or privacy lines. This way, even in projects led by non-academics anywhere in the world, projects can leverage the creativity and ingenuity of new learners. Great ideas can always be tracked to their source.

Alternately, what would it be like to watch a documentary on Netflix and suddenly get suggestions for how you could work toward solving the problem presented in that documentary? Bridge could let you know what classes to take and who to talk to in your local community. That’s the opportunity Bridge presents.

Video: How I Think About Bridge Learning

My personal history with education.

Click either play button to watch the video.

Video: Micro-Action Based Lesson Building

An example of one of the many ways we can let students teach students.

Click either play button to watch the video.

Level 5:  Collaboration

Learn About Expertise Optimization & Project Management

Project management is either a breeze or a nightmare (often a healthy dose of both). With Bridge project management grows naturally out of your goals.

Managers have to do many of the things computers are best at by hand. Access to data is limited. Ensuring proper privacy and classification is difficult. Only the most well-funded projects benefit from automated project management. Until now.


Why does project management need to be Bridged?

Automating project management and schedule coordination is tricky because it only works with very rich and unrestricted data sets. Bridge provides plenty of metadata for every user in a secure, useful way. Bridge is killer for efficient scheduling because it knows when you work best and when you have personal, educational, and work commitments.

It will also automatically connect talents that are needed on various teams, help people find and do fulfilling work, and pick the highest-return activities for their position in an organizational structure.


How will Bridge change project management?

Bridge can calculate these interactions and collaborations based on projects that have been done before! So a Humanities major can start a community effort that involves complex engineering, and Bridge will let that manager know what sort of talent they need to pull off the project at hand.

Interaction other 4 levels provides the richness for this and the next level. Essentially, with new project the sheer volume of things you need to do (and in what sequence) is so large that it’s hard to do anything at all. It’s at least difficult to pick an optimal starting point. This system would guide you to the most effective ways automatically.

Every time we start a new project, we are likely to be most successful if we have proper guidance. Bridge project management helps us move ahead in new directions rapidly. It puts power-ups in front of those who need them based on data about what has worked for others.



Imagine that you are tasked with building a new app. The problem is that you’re an artist who just moved to a new city and you don’t know anybody, much less engineers. You need someone who is geographically near because of the constraints of the project at hand, but you don’t even know where to start meeting the people you need to hire. Bridge gives you the tools to know who is learning new code fastest, who the strongest local developers are, and which of those sets overlap with developers looking for work in your industry (or work related to your vision).

As a developer, imagine telling Bridge that you’d like to work on educational technology apps with companies in your local area because you care about community development and educational game theory. Suddenly, Bridge connects you to everyone who is working on projects with related themes who have need for your talents.


Video: Bridge Projects

Find out what makes bridge project management stand out!

Click either play button to watch the video.

Level 6:  Governance

Community Organized Government And Advocacy

Finally, technology is at a point to enable meaningful self-governance.

Up until the last 30 years government was necessarily representative. Bridge makes it easier to make a difference.


Why would an app get involved in government?

Bridge is the world’s first chance at real individual participation in democracy. Not only does it easily and simply provide direct voting instead of representation, it does so in a system that specializes and engages in different ways on local, regional, national, global, and universal levels. Think government by each person, for each person. Not just “The People.”

The same power that Bridge brings to personal and professional project management become tools of positive social and economic change in the governance level. Knowing which skills and abilities are best suited to a certain problem enables the Bridge ecosystem to work along side government systems that already exist.


How will Bridge change the way communities govern themselves?

The ways a single individual can interact with a national problem can vary widely from the ways an individual might engage on a problem in their neighborhood.

Bridge knows what people are good at, what they care about, and what they’re learning. No matter the effort at hand, Bridge provides a way for people to self-organize, delegate, contribute, and take action efficiently and effectively.



For example, if everyone in a medium sized community (one which can be entirely online rather than geographically oriented) feels that healthcare should be subsidized for their particular community, Bridge will give the group ways to self-organize to make that happen. All this can occur within a supporting community without ever involving actual government bodies.


Video: Ideal Governance

There are magical aspects to what Bridge really enables in human communities. Watch me talk about how the power of Bridge really ‘shows up’ in Level 6.

Click either play button to watch the video.

Video: 6 Level Summary & Wrap Up

In this video I summarize and conclude the 6 levels, and I give you an overview of what the rest of this whitepaper includes.

Click either play button to watch the video.

Here is a look at how Bridge integrates insights from the most radical world-changing projects:

Click to Expand



Human Driven Design

The power of computers, AI, and big data presented in an intuitive, friendly human interface.

Diversity of function, consistency of interface.




Accessible Complexity

Categorizing and sorting of all data types for incredibly useful communication across the whole Bridge ecosystem.

Data-driven organization and info presentation.



White House & Ello

Open and Transparent

Public transparency, openness, iteration. Organizational structure that is always able to try new ideas, fork, grow, integrate new solutions, use different web tools as they rise and fall in popularity. An organization always focused on improved communication, efficiency, and practicality.

For profit, yet focused on public benefit.


Wikipedia & Linux

Built By The Whole World

Open Source, crowd driven, and crowd governed. Militant transparency and openness. Built using its own communication, education, project management, and governance systems.

Development will stay true to the open information community:
DoTheSimplestThing | OnlyOnce | YagNi

Improved daily by the people who use it most.


Zappos & Medium

Users Are The Most Significant Stakeholder

Built and owned by those who use it.  Big decisions about the future of the tool itself will be made using Bridge’s own features. Also featuring popularity based content distribution where appropriate, just one of the ways it facilitates a wide range of ways to communicate and interact. Fundamentally built to change the way people communicate, manage, educate, and govern each other (for the better).

Holacratic governance, people-focused mission


Khan Academy & X Prize

Education At Its Best, And Constantly Improving

Automatically tracked, self-driven learning. Iterative design that provides instant feedback, students-teaching-students, competence-driven peer mentorship, and mastery based lessons. Each student has the chance to re-teach a course and make it better. Courses range from basic skills to specialized expertise.

Using all the advantages of data, crowd-sourced content, and automation to redefine “teaching”.


Facebook & LinkedIn

Social Collaboration

Intelligent coordination by a system that knows you well. Expertise-based tagging. Mastery and certification based hiring.

Connecting relevant talents and interests automatically. 


And Most Importantly, Palantir

Intuitive Data Display With Inbuilt Privacy

Just like Palantir, Bridge will bring the best of both human and tech worlds right to your phone, tablet, or computer. Big computational tasks will feel intuitive. Artificial Intelligence will mine personal usage, communication, participation, and mastery data with global privacy settings. Through this, people and communities benefit from immensely rich and detailed data that no one can ever access directly.

Bringing the best aspects of computers and the best talents of humans together in global collaboration.

Check Out Bridge’s Business Model

How Does Bridge Sustain Itself?

Bridge Must Be Self -Sustaining.

That goes without saying of course, but you might be surprised how I’d like bridge to sustain and govern itself. Keep in mind that I’m not claiming to be qualified to design this sort of system, I’m just imagining possible solutions. Much of Bridge’s early stages will involve making this vision practical.


Ownership & Organization

Modern business suffers from an inbuilt conflict of capitalist economics and human interest.

The solution has been proposed from various angles, often using ideas from the “conscious capitalism” or “non profit” worlds.

My solution is similar to that of the “benefit corporation.” Bridge is a business whose purpose is to maximize human flourishing through profitable, organized solutions to big problems. Profit is just a (good and necessary) part of that equation, not the end goal.

For that reason, bridge is not non-profit, but it runs like one because of how its profits are managed.

Investment, ownership, and shareholding will be handled with delicate intention to maintain properly aligned interests for the entire bridge ecosystem and all its users.


Voluntary Funding

Modern media has clearly shown us, it’s that people want to voluntarily support art, projects, and products they connect with and believe in.

Marketing doesn’t have to be a game of tricking people into paying a price you’ve set to make ends meet. Ends can be met and exceeded with strictly voluntary payment systems, and that’s how Bridge will work.

Bridge is free for everyone, it works the same for everyone, and should you want to support it, you can! This is very similar to Patreon’s volunteer-funding model.


Self (User) Governed

Bridge specializes in communication and project management. This is phenomenal for its own development. Bridges own tools will be battle tested live by the people who make it better each day.

Facebook’s cost per user is about $5 annually right now.

Spending will be prioritized by the communities that govern bridges growth.

More details on the branches of Bridges’ own self government and the way it all works together will be announced as they are finalized for first implementation.


Open Architecture

The source will be available for in-house projects, spin-offs, tinkering, and redistribution.

Video: Bridge As A Business

If you’re looking to write a brilliantly terrifying horror movie plot, take seconds 0:30 to 0:45 of the video back in Level 5, and then imagine all that data in the hands of Google, Apple, or Microsoft. Let’s discuss bridge’s own governing model, and how to align interests in such a high-stakes environment.

Click either play button to watch the video.

Video: Plan For Profit

Bridge has to be self sustaining. How? Click Play.

Click either play button to watch the video.

Finally, Explore Bridge’s Path To Market

How Does Bridge Sustain Itself?

How To Begin

Bridge is a complex system. Getting it off the ground in a coordinated way is the essential next step. Here are three promising paths.


Social Plugin

The way people have conversations on the web has changed more than anything else over the years, but the way we access those conversations hasn’t – scrolling through pages of web content.

Scrolling is the convenient next-step from page turning, but neither mechanic takes advantage of the brilliance and random access computers provide us.

Computers should bring you what you want. Bridge invites an era where computers bring you what you’re looking for without search for it.

Sorting is the new paradigm, and opening up open source sorting & organizing using filters and algorithms and biographical data collection will enable enormous leaps forward in effective human communication and collaboration. In the future every idea and its’ derivations will be tagged, sortable, and easily-referenced.

Bridge will begin in part as a comment plugin that can migrate comments from Facebook, WordPress, or Disqus. This will enable many of the biggest blogs in the world to have an instant “on switch” for one of bridges coolest and most exciting use cases.

Every internet page, post, or conversation will have its own way to interact with the Bridge ecosystem.


X Prize

One of the ways I want to introduce bridge’s human-learning  prowess to the world is through the structure of the Global Education XPrize.

XPrize’s layout aligns closely with Bridge’s business plan, and the philosophy of the two missions is essentially identical. Learning should be self driven and technology enabled. XPrize gives bridge a reasonable framework to work within, and awesome near and medium-term goals.



Classroom Tools

Technology, gamification, and more. Schools are desperate to make these platforms work to achieve their goals, but over and over again technology has proven to be a gigantic time and resource suck, with only incremental improvements on how things are done.

Computers are not about cheap tricks and manual data entry in digital spreadsheets instead of paper. Bridge will help computers help us do what we do best.

Let’s use computers for education. Let’s enable the fun accessibility that computers lend to video game stories, but provide them to the stories of our own education. Let’s automate all the drudgery of education, and outsource the analysis and reporting to computers themselves.

Then let’s tie it all together with real world applications. That’s the power of bridging technology and education.

Students should be able to see which electives other people in their chosen field liked best. Students should also be able to see RateMyProfessor, the professors own work, other classes a professor teaches, and published works by a professor all in one place. Bridge’s natural associative linking technologies should enable this quickly.

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