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Introducing Bridge:

Education By Technology

All of bridge’s features and goals arise out of it’s mission:

To make human learning self-driven, intuitive, fun, and accessible.

Facebook connects people.
Apple connects design and technology.
Wikipedia connects us to knowledge and resources.

Bridge will connect us to the best tools, techniques, and teachers to master any given skill or field of expertise.

Bridge is an easy to use web interface that optimizes self-driven learning through iterative course design, collaborative peer mentoring, and AI path optimization.

If you’re lost, that’s okay. I wanted to give you something more substantial than “Bridge will change the way we learn!”

To learn more, click to expand each of the sections below. I highly suggest you start with the overview.


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Why Bridge?

Bridge is the “killer app” for computer-optimized human learning, communication, and collaboration at every scale.

Bridge arose out of research into education, gamification, project coordination, artificial intelligence, and more. The idea has been constructed and refined over a series of ongoing conversations, and is ready for first implementation.

Bridge will help us be whoever we want to be, and give us the tools and guidance to get there as effectively as possible.


What Is Bridge?

Bridge is a website or web application much like Facebook.

It will provide diverse functionality through a web browser.

Bridge will hopefully play a role in global development. It will be primarily used on tablets throughout the developing world and desktops in the developed world.

Bridge will have core functionality available on phone, tablet, and desktop, with native apps on physically smaller platforms.


How does Bridge work?

Bridge is a multifaceted ecosystem.

To effectively facilitate self-driven learning, bridge needed certain real-life integrations.

It has grown into an interconnected system of ways to interact with your own learning and data. Bridge should be the school of choice for anyone with even the most meager and limited access to the internet.

This page is a white paper to move you toward a basic understanding of the bridge ecosystem as a whole.


So What?

What does Bridge mean for me?

Bridge makes you a world-class learner.

Bridge brings big data, AI, automation, instant publishing, and Reddit-style democratic rating to the world of education.

Bridge will enhance team and personal communication. Bridge will underscore project management and advocacy on local and global levels.

Imagine having automated suggestions for what you might need to do to turn your interests into a career. Imagine having an automated and optimized framework for professional goals built by AI based on what people with similar goals have already done. Bridge will help us figure out how to apply our interests and  expertise to the world around us where our talent is needed most.

Bridge automatically optimizes everything we do based on data it builds about our expertise, skills, and preferences as we grow.

Bridge finally integrates the power of computing with human communities.



What does Bridge mean for my company?

Bridge integrates training and project management.

Imagine if you could track every team member’s competency at all core tasks. When a new project is assigned, everyone will automatically receive the training and guidance necessary to master the foundation-level principles behind that new assignment as taught by the best teachers in the world.

Instead of up front employee training and on-boarding with BlackBoard or in person, learning and collaboration go hand in hand. Learning and developing expertise isn’t just for your free time or college years. Bridge makes learning a fun part of daily working life again.

Bridge brings teams together, and suggests how they might best collaborate. Bridge helps fill in the gaps of expertise in existing teams. Bridge is the way from where your company is now to its vision for the future.



Who will make Bridge?


Steve Moraco

Author & Travel Photographer. Undercover education revolutionary.

While I was still in high school, I took one of the first iPhone programming classes ever offered at a university in the US. I received my 4 year degree in photography in just 3 years. I studied abroad twice, in France & Hong Kong and have traveled independently to 8 Countries, and 30 or so world cities (Shanghai, Dubai, New York, Miami, Munich, San Francisco).

My most impressive accomplishment is bringing a textbook from concept, through writing, editing, and publishing, to use in a university classroom in 4 months.

That was just last year, and now that textbook is available as an online course.

My research over the last 5 years into game mechanics, art, education, travel, bureaucracy navigation, and self-driven learning makes me confident that I’ll at least be able to gather the right people to build Bridge into a substantial contribution for global education. Of course, most importantly, I realize that education needs evolution, not revolution. So though it may be a cute title, I’d rather not start any revolutions. I’d much rather work to iteratively improve the already-brilliant systems we have in place. I’d like your help. Please keep reading if you’re interested, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Please Note That The Rest Of This Page Is Currently Under Construction.

-Steve, March 8th.

The Bridge Multi-Level Model

Dive In!

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Level 1: Identification

Level 2: Communication

Level 3: Skills

Level 4:  Learning

Level 5:  Collaboration

Level 6:  Governance

Here is a look at how Bridge integrates insights from the most radical world-changing projects:

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Human Driven Design

The power of computers, AI, and big data presented in an intuitive, friendly human interface.

Diversity of function, consistency of interface.




Accessible Complexity

Categorizing and sorting of all data types for incredibly useful communication across the whole Bridge ecosystem.

Data-driven organization and info presentation.



White House & Ello

Open and Transparent

Public transparency, openness, iteration. Organizational structure that is always able to try new ideas, fork, grow, integrate new solutions, use different web tools as they rise and fall in popularity. An organization always focused on improved communication, efficiency, and practicality.

For profit, yet focused on public benefit.


Wikipedia & Linux

Built By The Whole World

Open Source, crowd driven, and crowd governed. Militant transparency and openness. Built using its own communication, education, project management, and governance systems.

Development will stay true to the open information community:
DoTheSimplestThing | OnlyOnce | YagNi

Improved daily by the people who use it most.


Zappos & Medium

Users Are The Most Significant Stakeholder

Built and owned by those who use it.  Big decisions about the future of the tool itself will be made using Bridge’s own features. Also featuring popularity based content distribution where appropriate, just one of the ways it facilitates a wide range of ways to communicate and interact. Fundamentally built to change the way people communicate, manage, educate, and govern each other (for the better).

Holacratic governance, people-focused mission


Khan Academy & X Prize

Education At Its Best, And Constantly Improving

Automatically tracked, self-driven learning. Iterative design that provides instant feedback, students-teaching-students, competence-driven peer mentorship, and mastery based lessons. Each student has the chance to re-teach a course and make it better. Courses range from basic skills to specialized expertise.

Using all the advantages of data, crowd-sourced content, and automation to redefine “teaching”.


Facebook & LinkedIn

Social Collaboration

Intelligent coordination by a system that knows you well. Expertise-based tagging. Mastery and certification based hiring.

Connecting relevant talents and interests automatically. 


And Most Importantly, Palantir

Intuitive Data Display With Inbuilt Privacy

Just like Palantir, Bridge will bring the best of both human and tech worlds right to your phone, tablet, or computer. Big computational tasks will feel intuitive. Artificial Intelligence will mine personal usage, communication, participation, and mastery data with global privacy settings. Through this, people and communities benefit from immensely rich and detailed data that no one can ever access directly.

Bringing the best aspects of computers and the best talents of humans together in global collaboration.

Finally, Explore Bridge’s Business Model

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